Confound you, Fox!!!

First they cancel some of my favorite shows, now they’re shoveling movies I was looking forward to under the carpet. Thank goodness Darel Jevens wrote this article, otherwise I wouldn’t have known ‘Idiocracy’ was out at all. Fox won’t promote or even release this movie because they think it’s going to be a failure, despite the fact they did the same with ‘Office Space’ and it was a bestselling DVD. You can actually taste the irony.

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  1. Defamer called out Fox for burying Idiocracy… if you try to look up the film on moviefone, it’s listed as Untitled Mike Judge Comedy. I think it’s still playing at the Arclight in Hollywood, so maybe I’ll catch it this weekend.

    ‘Untitled Mike Judge Comedy’ Released Into Undisclosed Theaters.

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