What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment

This cannot be real. Nothing actually manufactured for use in office presentations could possibly be this funny. The production values are low enough and the dialogue weird enough, but it’s a little too perfect to be real. I could be wrong….but that zoom-out in the conference room is just too well-timed.

(I couldn’t choose one picture; they were all hilarious.)

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  1. MY vagina?!?!

    That thing is totally fake. I mean COME ON. “It smells like vagina in here”? It’s very very close to the real thing though. And much much more awesome.


  2. CBS-Paramount requires anyone with the “executive” or “producer” prefix in their job title to watch videos just like this, then fill out a survey online in order to prove that they watched these videos. Naturally, the producers and executives make the production assistants take the test for them since their time is too valuable to be wasted on such trifles. I think Greg has sat through the sexual harassment video program a half dozen times or more, making him something of an expert on the subject.