Films Ahoy!

This Sunday Anthology Film Archives is showing a series of classic experimental shorts from the 1920′s, including ‘Ballet Mecanique’ and Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Entre’Acte’. The idea of ‘classic’ experimental shorts seems sort of paradoxical; then again anything once considered edgy becomes absorbed by mainstream culture in time. It is much like a shard stuck in the body; harmful effects are quickly neutralized by the larger organism’s quick response of cushioning and coating, and in many cases absorbing. For the squeamish I can assure you no pus is involved in these films. If anyone cares to join the screening’s at 5:30pm.

Also at Anthology, on Wed. June 13 is a screening of the Mick Travis trilogy. The most well-known of the three films is ‘…If’, starring a young Malcom McDowell in the role that landed him that of Alex in ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Plotwise, there’s not too much going on. A number of boys attend a boarding school where older students lord over the younger, archaic rituals are performed with little meaning, and those supposedly in charge are completely distanced from their actual situation. Basically, a regular school, with all the dullness and weirdness entailing. McDowell’s character Mick wants to break free of this, and it’s arguable whether he actually manges to do so by the film’s controversial end.

Finally, for all those who missed seeing The Valerie Project at Anthology, shame on you! It was a heady and lovely journey through a girl’s imagination as she comes of age. Fortunately you’ll have a chance to redeem yourselves come June 16th, when the project returns home to Philadelphia at The International House. Should you miss it again they’ve a MOMA show in the works, but by then all the arty-arts will have scooped the tickets and will yammer about various bits of symbolism throughout until you jam their blackberry (still on, of course) down their throats. So do yourselves a favor and scoot down to Philly for some cheesesteaks, water ice, and outstanding live musical performance and screening.

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