It Aint’t All Tea Cosies and Deer Sweaters

While searching for a balaclava pattern, I came across these:

From a small Bulgarian/American handknitting site comes the ‘Othello’ and ‘Desdemona’ ski masks, available to purchase for a mere $40 including shipping.

I doubt it was intentional, but it’s pretty suspicious their ‘Othello’ mask is a dead ringer for your standard blackface:

…while the Desdemona looks like something Leigh Bowery might wear in the winter. I doubt the intention because they were also completely clueless about this- their Page of Catsuit. It reads as follows:

Imagine yourself in tightly fit, warm and comfy knitted garment from head to toes! Features:

* Balaclava completely attached
* Long zipper on the back
* Attached socks;
* Attached mittens;

The suggestion for knitting a catsuit and the color pattern shown in the photograph belong to our most faithful client. Thank you, VH!

Next to which is a picture of this:

Ok, ok, not so bad…until you get to the gallery page:

This is CLEARLY a handknit S&M gimp suit. ‘Most faithful client’ indeed.

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  1. I’ve wanted a handknit cat suit for years. I would like it if it had flowers designed into it.


  2. I want a red knit gimp suit with a penis sheath just because it is the most outlandish thing I can think of.


  3. that was totally a geico commercial already.


  4. I’m not sure…

    I think it is intentional. I just think they think it’s funny and not the least offensive.
    The poses are really interesting… but the pattern looks good. I remember the winter I would have been happy of such a suit, in some non-itchy material.