Happy Easter!

Above are two of the numerous ludicrous attack scenes from ‘Night of the Lepus’, the film where humans are terrorized by….giant rabbits. Note to self-when making a horror movie about giant animals try and pick one that people are normally frightened of/grossed out by on the small scale anyway:
(This may be of poorer quality but it shows all the good stuff, and by ‘good stuff’ I mean giant radioactive ant attacks. Ah, for a simpler time again.)
(From ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’, a surprisingly existential meditation on man, despite the lurid title)

…or an animal that would actually become more imposing at a larger scale. Giant rabbits are still rabbits. Sure, these supposedly got a taste for blood when they mutated, but that doesn’t make them any less fluffy.
(from ‘Attack of the Puppet People’, though really it’s mostly them getting attacked.)

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  1. if ya gotta be killed by somethin’ it might as well be giant cute bunnies… my cat used to bite but he was so cute I forgave him and tried to hug him anyway. I feel like Id have the same reaction to those.. Hippos are kinda like that maybe. Aw look a hippo! oh hes approaching us isnt that adorable!


    1. I find hippos quite terrifying in real life; their bulk, their grace and speed in water, and especially their territoriality, combine for a horrifying foe.