Free Pattern Fridays – Vintage Goodness from Down Under!

Ooh, that title sounds worse than I intended. This week’s pattern, and possibly a smattering of future patterns, comes courtesy of the Internet Archive’s collection of The Australian Home Journal. As posted earlier, this gem of a find contains all manner of knitting and crochet patterns, advice columns, advertisements, gossip on hot upcoming movies like ‘Rope’, and is definitely worth downloading and sorting through. However, since plenty of people probably aren’t as thrilled as I am at the prospect of spending a few hours viewing an enormous PDF (so rad! No sarcasm!), I’ve extracted some of the more colorful patterns for quick access.

This week’s pattern comes just in time for spring (hah), a long-sleeved wool number with an adorable deer pattern at the bust. Don’t be fooled by the picture- she has the sleeves pushed up to denote her coolness. Initially I thought the background pattern and zig zag were done with beads (now THAT would be a showstopper). I have a vintage 40s cardigan with nearly the same pattern all over, though the sleeves are full-length and it’s machine knit. Still, rather than destroy a vintage treasure with everyday wear, I could easily work this up with a seam down the front.


Reindeer sports jumper

Oh, and the pattern image in the upper left? Free vintage dress patterns. 3 per magazine. I love you, Internet Archives!

reindeer sports jumper 2

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  1. I have a number of these mags, in fact they were the first vintage ones I ever collected. It’s kind of like old aussie burda.
    Thanks for pointing out the resource.


  2. At last !!! I have been looking for a vintage ski sweater for women… a one not too boring and not too difficult !
    thank you !!
    I will try this pattern very soon !