Amber Alert

I accidentally clicked on Craigslist’s ‘baby & kid’s stuff’ section today and was intrigued by what appeared to be a mistaken post. Instead of proffering a gently used ergonomic doublewide jogging stroller or a husky-sized Baby Bjorn Swaddling Cloth (floral pattern), it listed an Amber Alert issued for a 4-year-old boy in Illinois. How odd to see it posted in New York city. Clicking through I was incensed to find this:

craigslist assholery
(click for the full image)

What…did you…did you just use an Amber Alert, the US Government’s official warning that a child has been abducted and is in danger of injury or death to a) strike fear into the hearts of all parents reading and b) for a PROMO CODE?! Seriously?

It’s a low enough blow to use the tragedy of a child’s kidnapping to frighten others; that’s evening news and talk-show domain. But to take the next step and turn it around into marketing for a GPS tracking device is an entirely new category of tacky few have reached.

Oh also, tracking kids 24/7 using a GPS tracker? That’s great; they’ll grow up thinking the second they step out their door creeps lying in wait will snatch them up and toss them in their creepy van. Try checking out Free Range Kids instead. A mentally healthy future generation will be grateful.

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