Free Pattern Friday- Springtime Generosity

Today’s free pattern comes courtesy of knichet, a fellow Raveler. I’d seen her absolutely lovely sweater created from this pattern, and noticed she’d added the pattern to her project images. Seeing how many others loved her creation and how unfortunately tiny the Ravelry pictures were, I asked if I could host larger versions of the images here. She was kind enough to agree, and so here they are! She also added the pattern to Ravelry, so if you’re on the site you can add it to your queue. Queue is such a strange word to spell out.


Not only is this vintage gem a wonderful pattern to wear throughout the year (especially if knit in a lighter angora or blend), but the sparrows flying across are perfect to herald the warm weather. The original color scheme of red, white and darker blue certainly came out charmingly, but this could also be lovely with a light yellow or black background, keeping the red and blue.

Do not be fooled by the apparent tininess of the images, that’s just the limitations of my website. These images are huuuuge. Right click to download them, or not, it’s your life.






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  1. Thanks so much for putting this pattern up – its amazing!


    1. Ah, don’t thank me, thank the generous knichet who let me host it here. Her knit up version is amazing!