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Here’s a trim, vaguely military number ready for warm weather. The chevron collar tabs are what sold me on this pattern from Sunglo no. 68, with the wee chevron pocket sealing the deal. What could you possibly fit in there? A pack of Listermints? Three cents? Ah, the frivolty and excess of fashion! Even the sleeves are a tad longer than truly necessary, and could be shortened without sacrificing the vintage look.

SunGlo 00

I recently watched a documentary on the Shakers, a religious group who believed amongst other things that work was a form of worship, and should be done simply and perfectly as God was in the details.

This didn’t mean work had to be hard; far from it, the Shakers invented numerous labor-saving devices to achieve a greater amount in less time, including the circular saw, round barns with ground-level hay loading, and the clothespin. In keeping with this belief, buildings, objects and clothes had no unnecessary ornamentation, but were absolutely practical and beautiful in their usefulness.

The Met has a Shaker room on display in its American wing- to look at it after rooms full of gaudy prints, rococo and baroque carved tables and chairs and yards of swag and drapery, is to see zen calm and peace radiating from smooth wood. It’s very austere, almost to the point of severity, but the care with which everything was put together shines warmly through.

A friend of mine is constantly on the lookout for the most basic of striped t-shirts: regular crew neck, stripes between 1/2-1 1/2 inches, preferably in non-neon colors. Somehow, they’re impossible to find. Either they have a v-neck, some weird patch sewn on, paint splatters with skulls and swirls screened over, the stripes have some fake distressed look, something. Every designer feels the need to add their little bit of flair to what is already a perfect design, ruining it from simple perfection. So it is with much of fashion, taking something that is clean and austere and slapping on a frill or tuck.

At the same time, those tiny details can occasionally enhance a basic outline, bringing out its shape more clearly, drawing attention to neat construction. So I hope it is with this pattern, that despite the inherent silliness of a useless pocket, overall the shirt is simple, yet pleasing.

SunGlo 02

SunGlo 03

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a vintage knit-along with this pattern on my blog. I posted several different ones for people to vote on, and Briar Rose won. Thanks so much for providing it online, it’s a great pattern and I look forward to knitting it. :)


    1. Hooray! I love seeing vintage patterns come to life! Also, lovely job on the bonnet and Flag colors, two patterns I’ve had in the queue for quite some time.


    2. Wow thanks!
      Is it hard for a newbie to start with?


      1. I don’t think this would be hard, but it might be frustrating as it’s a much smaller gauge than most modern patterns, and written in the vintage style (meaning, they’re assuming you know a lot about patterns already, instead of the extra clarity in most modern patterns). That said, I’ve seen on Ravelry a few people saying this was their first sweater, so give it a go! There will likely be people noting any problems they found on Ravelry.