Free Pattern Friday: Level Up

A small change this week: seeing as it’s wedding season, instead of a pattern from my vintage collection I’m sharing a cross-stitch sampler I made to honor a friend’s nuptials.

Unfortunately when I decided to post it, this printed version I’d folded and stuffed in my bag was the only remnant I found of the original pattern I’d worked quite some time on. Let this be a warning to all ye crafters- even if you think it’s mere piffle, even if you’re totally 100% done with the project, ALWAYS SAVE THE DOCUMENTS! Save it, back it up, and keep it in a marked folder. Otherwise you’re in for hours of fruitless searching and frustration.

As it was I recreated the pattern from scratch, hopefully in a more reader-friendly format.

Another protip for the crafty- documentation. It can be interesting to see how a project takes shape, and useful for you to note any techniques you came up with on the fly. I took these photos at random throughout the process, but darn if I don’t wish I took better ones in brighter light.

Ooh, look at the texture on that shield.

Working on the border….

Still working on the border…

Even if you neglect to take documentation photos, MAKE SURE TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE FINISHED OBJECT! Because I sure didn’t! This photo is the closest I have to the final ironed and framed gift. Now I don’t have it anymore, and this is what I had to base the pattern (which I neglected to save properly) on. Sigh.

So here’s the recreated pattern; click for the full-size version all gridded up and ready to stitch.

Again, lack of documentation leads to much stress and half-assed recreation. I couldn’t find the original alphabet chart I’d made to stitch ‘Linked Together’, so I made a new one in Photoshop (though if you mistook it for MSPaint I wouldn’t blame you). The red arrows attempt to show the direction and order your stitches should go, with the lettering not cross-stitched but straight-stitched. The ampersand between the names is also straight-stitched.

For the names and dates, I fudged a combination of 8-bit inspired fonts found at Miffies. I would’ve known exactly which ones, but again…lack of documentation. Most of the fonts lacked lowercase letters, but it’s easy enough to restructure what’s there to fit your needs. Perhaps you’ll find a font you like even better than the one I used.

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  1. rarerborealis, this is beautiful!

    My boyfriend and I have our 5 year anniversary coming up January 2nd 2011 so I wanted to stitch this for him as he’s a big video game fan. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’m done :-)

    I had a question though please. What count of Aida did you use and how many threads did you use for your stitching?

    Thanks :-)


    1. Aww, why thank you! Please do share the pictures when you finish. For nearly all my cross-stitching I use 14-count Aida and 3 threads of floss. For this project the darker red looked too dark so I actually ended up using 2 darker and one lighter red. I’m not sure I like the marbled effect, but it got the job done.


    2. Hi again :)

      The project is coming along beautifully for me (Here’s where I posted the pictures: I did have another question though please. Though I’ve been following the gridded pattern you created and posted here, did you originally create this in KG Chart, and if so, do you have it in .sth format? I tried to recreate it myself but its proving to be quite a pain, and it would really help me with the proper placing of the lettering if I could! Thanks :-)


      1. Alas no, I had started using one of the free cross-stitch creation programs, but ended up doing it the horribly sadistic way in Photoshop, with a square paintbrush and setting the grid to 14 lines per inch. DO. NOT. DO. THAT. Unless you enjoy insanity.

        The lettering on mine actually turned out to be slightly off-centered because of that as well, though only by a block or so. I sort of winged the whole thing. What I can do, with the limited remains of the original project documentation is send a close-up of the pictures I took of the text, which is actually on Aida thread. Perhaps that would be easier to count? Drop a line to and I’ll send the largest picture I can.


      2. Hi, I just came across your site and was wondering if you still had the patterns available?

        Thanks. :)


        1. Hi Jennie,

          Thanks for asking; for some reason the media seems to have been removed. They’re back up and working now.