Brooklyn Tornado

I’m a little late for the New York Times to link to my post instead of doing real reporting, but I took some photos walking home the night a ‘tornado’ touched down in Brooklyn. Was it really a tornado? Most east-coasters believe so, but several midwest ex-pats beg to differ, saying it was merely high winds without any funnel. Whatever it was, it managed to knock over every tree on the street.

And what happens in the tri-state area when there’s a potentially dangerous situation in a crappy location?

SEND OUT TI-HUA CHANG! Ah, Ti-Hua. Covering that which the regular anchors don’t want to be inconvenienced by. Blizzard on the Parkway? Send Ti-Hua! Robbery in Progress at Princeton National? Send Ti-Hua! What’s that? Gang fight over at the ol’ Route 18 Flea Market? Oh Tiiii Huaaaaa….

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