Merry Crimbus!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Determine never to be idle… It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” Alexander Hamilton once said “Ugh, Jefferson. What a pompous ass.”* Just one of the many reasons Hamilton’s my boy; that and his kick-ass job as Secretary of the Treasury.

Crafting Season is in full swing- combine frantic knitting, sewing and whittling to finish gifts before the holiday deadline with work, shopping, holiday events and travel, plus the pesky need for sleep and food, and writing here quickly drops to the bottom of my priority list. Which is unfortunate, as for the first time this site is getting some love from other crafting sites and I hate to disappoint.

So, with a rare free day today (still a-crammed with doings), I decided to take care of now until the end of the year in one fell swoop using the beloved format of the Advent Calendar (at first it was going to run until the end of the Aztec calendar in 2012 but that seemed a bit rich). So even if I haven’t time to dig in and post, it won’t look like an abandoned Angelfire page about pretend cats around here. Nothing too fancy, just a little clip, song or image vaguely related (or not) to the holidays through to the New Year. Enjoy!

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*and by ‘said’ I mean ‘liberally paraphrased’.

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