Free Pattern Friday: I Did You A Favor Posting This AFTER Valentine’s Day.

I’m well-aware a ‘major’ ‘holiday’ came and went with not a wisp of acknowledgement from this corner of the internet. While I dearly love all things crafty and realize Valentine’s day presents many opportunities to do something cute and handmade for your loved ones, I detest how the point of the day’s somehow gone from celebrating existing romance or possibly starting a new one to proving your love. I could go on a whole tirade (and probably have in past years) about how if you’re using one sanctioned day to prove you care about someone through shopworn gestures it probably ain’t love to begin with but why focus on the negative?

Instead, let me demonstrate how much I love humanity by presenting it with this:

…AFTER Valentine’s Day. Because single or taken, NO ONE deserves to blearily stumble in Monday morning and come face to face with a coworker dressed head-to-toe in some pink and red version of this chirruping about ‘wuv’. It would be EXACTLY like coming in on St. Patrick’s Day and seeing them in this:

Far, far too much. (Although, if you’re truly thrifty, you could dye the whole thing black and reuse it on President’s Day.)

No, something like this should be worn much the same way love should be celebrated- unexpectedly throughout the year, with charm and happiness in and of the moment. Also maybe ditch the heart pockets, or at least move them so they don’t look like giant pasties.

(a detail shot of the texture)

Minerva patterns have limited instructions and mostly rely on a schematic for you to follow. While this takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to fully-written patterns, it means you get to experiment with which decreases and increases you like best, along with boning up on basic math skills. Math! To spare eyes from too much squinting here’s a larger version of the chart:

As always, click for larger images. UPDATE: Hmm, seems somehow I neglected to post the pattern and heart pocket chart (though maybe that’s a Freudian slip there). For anyone who’s already cast on and gotten to the pockets/patterns, WOW you’re fast, and I’ll have them up by tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: Aaaand we’re back. Here’s the pocket chart:

And here’s the heart knitting pattern:

It looked confusing at first until I realized the body of the sweater’s knit in moss stitch, hence the strange notation literally written out to ‘knit this guy, purl this guy’, etc. Here’s a highlighted (highlit?) version where you can see the heart more clearly:

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