Free Pattern Friday: Lucy In The Sky

This week’s pattern, the stripey number on the left, is again from Holiday Handknits, the 60s wonder that keeps on giving. It isn’t just a quick-knit dress to greet the nicer weather with, it also teaches you how to project yourself into other people’s photos and hover several inches off the ground!

(The first tip-off was the hard-lined hair.)

For sanity’s sake, work this pattern in the round up to the armholes. As the front and back are worked the same, there’s absolutely no reason not to, unless you have a sadistic love of mattress stitch.

There’s also none of the waist shaping hinted at in the photo, which would make it more closely resemble the coat on the right. If you’d like, either add a few more stitches to the bottom when casting on initially and decrease evenly to the arm, or just start with the amount given, decrease until you hit a length you like, then increase until you’re up at the arm with the number of stitches given. With instructions that vague I could get a job writing turn-of-the-century recipes.

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  1. You could also do this dress as a topdown and add the collar afterwards. But I believe that the only thing that is keeping our model even close to the ground is the gangsta-worthy chain around her neck…