Free Pattern Friday: Put On Your Easter Bonnet

Ah, Easter. That delightfully confusing time when parents gloss over the potential question of what a giant rabbit and ovomania have to do with Jesus by plying their children with sweet, sweet sugar. Until the hippie revolution, Easter was also a time of Great Hats, with a venerable tradition of ridiculous haberdashery in the Easter Bonnet, a frivolous bit of headgear that welcomed in Spring with lighthearted silliness. Excellent examples can be seen below, tossing aside the dour seriousness of winter with increasingly goofy bonnets almost completely abstracted from the concept of ‘hat’ save for their placement upon the head:


(click to play)

In this tradition, here is a delightful pagoda hat, with or without tassels, sure to perch perkily upon your head with Deco charm:

Not coincidentally it sort of vaguely resembles DEVO’s famous engery dome, itself based upon a 1930s light fixture.

(yes it was an excuse to post this image.)

Apologies for the generally crappy quality of the image; getting decent pictures in the dim, eerie light of the NYPL’s tinier back rooms involves sneaking towards the nearest lamp without disturbing the elderly gentleman sitting there since the dawn of time:

(just with more tweed and a vest.)

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  1. I think I need to learn to crochet just to make that hat.