Iowa State Fair 2: The Harvesting

Yes, it’s that time of year where laziness in writing has my vacations lapping each other in posts. This second visit to the Iowa State Fair was a more leisurely outing, with ample time to take in the numerous fried foods and, thanks to their website’s handy itinerary feature, get good seats for the Dairy Goat Obstacle Course.

Immediately upon arrival fellow traveler Angry Jim and I set out to do that which we dared not the year before- eat fried butter. “But how can you fry butter?” you ask, either in a tone of horror or with notepad and pen at the ready. I’ll tell you. First, take a whole stick of rich, creamery butter. Slice it in half diagonally so you have two butterwedges (yes, I’m making it one word). Dunk that thing into a vat of thick, gooey pancake-like batter spiced with cinnamon and magic.

Now, dunk THAT into a vat of superheated oil. Swirl gently and fry to a deep golden brown. For no earthly reason, top with a generous drizzle of sugar frosting.

Here’s Angry Jim contemplating the horror of what he has ordered.

Despite the insulating coat of batter, the butter mostly melted or soaked into the dough.

Mmm, delicious goo. The final product tasted like a cakier cinnamon bun, with the texture of a corn dog.

Yep, pretty much just like this.

Behold! Some of the largest vegetables this country has to offer:

These are greenbeans. GREENBEANS! What kind of freakish mutant-vegetable future are we living in?!

Two-headed corn
Just sitting on plates
The judges await
Now you’re greater than great
I can hear as your ear grows by far

That does not look like a ‘slow snail’, unless ‘slow snail’ means turd.

In front of the Pork Tent, obviously.

Not the kind variety, just All-American.

Everything is on a stick at the fair. Salad on a stick, eggs on a stick; a booth run by a Methodist church even handed out ‘Prayers on a Stick’. I hoped they’d be little parchment rolls skewered through, but it was just a popsicle stick with stuff written on it.

This probably took 20 minutes to reach capacity.

Here was the most charming surprise at the fair- amidst bacon-wrapped corn dogs and turkey legs on a stick, an entire cooking category devoted to vegan foods. Vegan! In a land where you have to ask to make sure the french fries aren’t served with a hunk of lamb on top!

Didn’t Wes Anderson make an animated feature with these two?

The Jelly Which Shall Not Be Named.

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  1. I didn’t see the tent of free lipitor for the obvious cholesterol damage done by eating the fair fare….The veggies were amazing!


  2. Hahaha, that’s a fabulous miracle post. :-)


  3. Good one with the animated Pork Tent photo.