Free Pattern Friday: Heeeeeeere’s JANEY!

Candy apples and razor blades; I remember Halloween. Unfortunately, as evinced by last year’s sorry excuse for a scare, my pattern collection does not and so I’m forced to get a little more esoteric in the search for something in the macabre spirit.

This week’s pattern comes from the very specifically themed 5th Avenue Fashions, shot on and around the Empire State Building. Tourist magnet, glowing beacon, the very symbol of the city, what frights could possibly await at the top of New York’s famous icon, barring a giant gorilla on the loose?

Wooooooh! Wooo! woo. Eh. It’s no Q The Winged Serpent, but tell me that underlighting and sly grin don’t imply she’ll push you off the balcony the second you turn your back? What inspired the book’s photographer to light her like that? Especially given that, in the 1930s, underlighting was shorthand for ‘terrifying monster’?




At a time when Hollywood had gauze shortages from soft focus ‘glamour lighting’ their leading ladies, harsh underlighting screamed menace and terror. Also it doesn’t help her direct gaze resembles a more modern movie psychopath:

All work and no crochet make Jack a dull boy.

The pattern itself makes up a lovely crocheted top, and if the nautical color scheme isn’t up your alley, it would also look great in black with Fiesta-color triangles (Fiesta being….an unspecified amalgam of bright hues). Or if you really want to stick with the Halloween theme, you could knit it up in this and go as a background extra from ‘Hellraiser’.

Even in the wider shot, it looks like she’s holding the elevator door saying “Room for one more...” in the creepiest tone possible.

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  1. I’ve been working on this pattern for the past 6 months (I know, a long time, but it’s my first crocheted sweater plus I have a hectic schedule) and I’m NEARLY done! Just need to stitch together the sides and make the trim. I’m SO excited that it’s nearly finished! Thank you so much for having posted this :) I’ll post a photo when it’s finally finished heehe


    1. Oh my stars; that is WONDERFUL! Please do post pictures – the last vintage crochet pattern I worked on turned out beautifully and took forever, but sadly was too small on me (I mean, it said exactly what size it would be upon completion but I suppose I was being optimistic/lazy about resizing). I’m sure yours will be an absolute delight to behold!