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A number of friends have been asking me about ‘The King In Yellow‘, a series of short stories by author and H.P. Lovecraft pal Robert Chambers. I wouldn’t shut up about it when I read it several years ago, to their mild annoyance, but now that HBO show ‘True Detective’ has made mention of a Yellow King, suddenly they’re all TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.

As I haven’t seen one second of the HBO show, I doubt anything I share would be informative, and still recommend reading the book. Do you like Lovecraft, but could do with toning down the purple prose, upping the human psychological factor, moving the action to New York City and adding in a different forbidden tome of mystery you must never read or you’ll DIE?! Then you will love ‘The King In Yellow!’  I’m not claiming any sort of high ground having read it sooner; heck, I only came across the book because it was the name of the last Dead Milkmen album. It’s a really great high gothic read, and I wouldn’t have come across it but for a bit of digging.

In that same spirit, a quick search on Project Gutenberg revealed Robert Chambers was as prolific as his other fiction writing chums, with 43 of his books available free. There’s the one tie I can make – a TV show with a name like ‘True Detective’ seems to directly reference the creator’s love of pulp genre writing. The sheer list of his titles is a joy in itself:

The Gay Rebellion

The  Crimson Tide: A Novel

The Tracer of Lost Persons


My friend asked ‘does it REALLY have three exclamation points?’ when I typed it out for them.

In Search of the Unknown


Who Goes There!

The Slayer of Souls

The Danger Mark

A Young Man In a Hurry (wonder what that’s about)

Blue-Bird Weather

Quick Action

and the extremely exciting-sounding Adventures of a Modest Man.

Best of all, some out-of-context images from the above!

explosion of mammoths dancing with rage The Gay Rebellion


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Imagine my delight learning there was a 1928 silent film of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Telltale Heart’. I’m guessing it’s German:


Picture 17

That room is so German Expressionistic the chairs are just abstract shards reflecting the character’s tortured psyche.


The film’s a breeze to watch at a mere 28 minute running length, though the cheap synth-keyboard soundtrack makes it feel a little longer. Its main charm is the use of animated text and overlay to convey the main character’s tortured mindset, along with what at the time must have been VERY fast edits.


You can watch the entire thing with burned-in Russian subtitles here; the site seems like it’s a haven for porn and viruses, but from brief perusal has a wide selection of anime, TV shows and vintage films.

Picture 18


Picture 22

Picture 16







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Seems the ol’ website was down for the last 3 days, but I’ve been so busy I didn’t even notice until I attempted to post something. Ah well – we’re up and running again.

Here are dueling reviews of the bar nearest in my neighborhood, Bizarre – there’s nightly ‘burlesque’ shows, a wee backyard, sort of a run-down circus feel (which I’m sure would please the owners to no end to hear), and now, brunch. Really though, this could be about any bar in the area.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.05.07 AM

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I was perusing the history of singer Meat Loaf on Wikipedia, as any American is wont to do, and was surprised by the myriad facts I did not know about the man/force of nature. First, the greatest mystery:

Meatloaf Fun Fact 6

And yes, the ‘Talk’ page on Meat Loaf is as lively as the man’s performances.


Meatloaf fun fact 1

So Meat Loaf’s son-in-law is Scott Ian from Anthrax. Also it’s not mentioned here, but her full name is Pearl Aday, which means Meat Loaf’s full name is MEAT LOAF ADAY, as in HAVE A MEAT LOAF A-DAY.


meatloaf fun fact 3

‘Butt-smellers’ is an insult so juvenile it’s actually cute.


Meatloaf fun fact 2

Long before Saturday Night Live dragged this double entendre to full-skit length, Meat Loaf played it straight (and with last name Devine no less) in what must have been a particularly ridiculous episode of The Outer Limits. That show gets a bad rap as ‘lesser Twilight Zone’ but the 90s reboot had solid scripts and excellent guest spots, of which I’m sure Meat Loaf was one.


meatloaf fun fact 7



Meatloaf fun fact 9

Oh, very well:


meatloaf fun fact 10

Of course. OF COURSE. I’m pretty sure wherever Meat Loaf walks there are sparks, explosions, and sudden influxes of fog/motorcycle riding indoors.


meatloaf fun fact 8

The suicide threat must have been kept under wraps at the time it happened – there’s no NY Post articles on it from the time and if there was even a hint of a leak the pun-possibilities would have been too rich to resist slapping it all over the paper.


meatloaf fun fact 5

Meat Loaf doesn’t have TIME for fillin’ out forms.


meatloaf fun fact 4



And as added bonus, please enjoy this Michael-Bay-directed music video of Meat Loaf’s ‘Rock n’ Roll Dreams Come Through’, starring Angelina Jolie and Meat Loaf as the singing fortune-teller/hobo.

Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through

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