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I just found out this meme exists. And I’m so glad it does.

lets open this pit


open this pit obama


This one existed but the text covered the main action and I had to fix it.

Possibly my proudest moment today was making this:

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Looking for a capper to an online conversation touting the virtues of Wittgenstein and Sartre (FINE, it was really about pizza and how rad it is) I sought a simple Terminator GIF with which to end the conversation. None to be found! HOW CAN YOU LET ME DOWN LIKE THAT, INTERNET? I found something missing, and was duty-bound to fill the void. There you go folks, enjoy.



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Images from the absolutely amazing Movie Title Stills Collection. Only click if you like typography and have several hours free.







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A while back I animated a Victorian bat lady flitting about the night. I’d completely forgotten I did a test run and looped it as an animated gif. Enjoy! Or not; it’s out there on the internet for you to do as you please.

bat woman

And the final animation:

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‘Shooting Shark’ is a strange video even by the standards of a band known for their strange videos. How best to sum up Blue Oyster Cult’s tale of lovers recoiling in pain and anger yet reunited through destiny? This’ll do nicely:

There are many sexy sort-of animal ladies to go around.

The setting changes inexplicably (I use the word loosely here) from Magic Jazzercize Ritual to Renaissance Faire in an English Garden as the hero attempts to capture his lost lady love.

Here’s an excellent example of my favorite 80s video shot composition – Confused Hero in the foreground looking about wildly, Other Person running away, yet pausing dramatically to look at them, in the background. Also seen in : ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’, ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’, and many more.

They managed to cram in a tribute to ‘Altered States’…

…AND ‘The Man Who Laughs‘! Now THAT is impressive.

The best part of this music video is its protagonist – presented without irony, Our Hero is a slightly pudgy, intense man sporting a 70s mustache and wearing a tank top as he fever dreams his way through a nightmare relationship. And wishes on stars.


(Thanks to Nate Doyle for bringing this video’s existence to my attention.)

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