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In need of a fancy topper for your vintage outfit? Try one of these hats! Or turbans, or pillbox wimple/snood combinations! All guaranteed to hide and distract any unsightly hair days beneath their sculptural forms.

Seriously, more people should be out there wearing ridiculous headgear. All these fascinators and sparkly huge headbands are a good start and fedoras are sort of coming back, but we need to reach shoe-on-the-head level by this spring, people.

Shoe Hat!

Hats Ahoy!

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Below are two leaflets extracted from the piles of patterns I recently purchased. It’s times like this I wish I’d sharpened my Photoshop skills for more than putting my sisters’ heads on female bodybuilders: ‘Hand Knitting by Lincoln’ dearly needs cleaning up. It’s not the patterns so much as the expressions on the womens’ faces that endears me to this booklet, particularly the lady on the cover’s direct, confident look.

It’s amazing to realize these patterns are all over 60 years old. Cursory attempts were made to determine whether they were still under copyright before saying ‘nuts to this’ and posting. If I can’t find them online or in an easily accessible format, I’d rather risk someone telling me to take them down than to let these images crumble to dust without sharing them.

The full patterns are beneath the cut.

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