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First, a gentle dip into the past, when fashion wasn’t just worn, but sung! Tra la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa…..

And now, a disturbing look into….THE FUTURE! A world full of strange new materials, disturbing man-traps, and for the gents, articulated facial hair:

Laugh if you will, but parts of this are suprisingly prescient. Behold! (it’ll help if you read all the following with this playing in the background):

Which brings us back to the past-present, which is to say the present of the past in which this pattern was created, brought to us in the present-present moment of the future, you there, reading this now (now being the immediate present moment of current existence):

It looks classier in the illustration than it does executed in real life, where the model looks like she was on the losing end of a doily fight:


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While perusing the internet for a novel way to tie my ascot, I came across this delightful site: The Academia Cravatica. Quite possibly the only museum dedicated to the dissemination and collection of cravat history and lore, it contains all manner of quotes, stories, and most importantly, methods of tying related to this glorious bit of neckwear. So far their examples include the ‘Prince Borna’ and the ‘King Tomislav’, with promises of more esoteric knotwork to come. As an added bonus, they show you 4 jaunty ways to wear your scarf, invaluable in this coming cold season.

The site seems to randomly switch between English and Czech, but a bit of clicking around should rectify the situation. If you’re in the Czech Republic, it is an actual, physical building you can visit. Apparently the cravat is deeply intertwined with Czech history and culture, to the point they wanted to preserve it.

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