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I have a weakness for vintage detritus, especially old books. I cannot walk away from a library sale without at least one oddity otherwise destined for the dustbin.

Each is like an eccentric family member – charming, obstinate, a little worn around the edges, and most of what’s said is completely irrelevant save to them. Below are some of my favorites (click on any to see them larger):

This one deserves a further post; the author admits to a lonely childhood leading to friendship with the irascable prairie dog.

Oh boy! To think, one day women can treat the brave men who venture into space! Truly it is the most exciting profession for women, especially given the other options.

It seems to me this book will be read as long as bored teens continue not knowing how to use the card catalogue. THIS IS FLAGRANT FALSE ADVERTISING.

“Uh, sir, phrenology was dismissed as quackery 160 years ago.” “Of course you’d say that; you have the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter!”

In the realm of Absolute Bunk Studies With Awesome Graphics, Phrenology ranks second only to Alchemy.

I wish I could say this is the only romance novel involving Laird title claims and psychic peasantry written out entirely in a bad Scottish burr, but I’d probably be wrong.

Even the cover color scheme is patriotic! USA! USA! USA!

From the co-founders of the Campfire Girls and authors of ‘The American Girl’s Handy Book’, this charming tome is filled with all sorts of crafts and games kids can make and entertain themselves with.

This sounds exciting as watching slides of your friend’s visit to the DMV.

Doesn’t Rip look like he just woke with a wicked hang-over?

Wait, what?

(Psst, it’s that way).

Apparently they’re really into parasailing.

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