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I consider myself a fairly thrifty person, and a large part of my penny-pinching includes getting most of my entertainment from public libraries. Reserving stuff online to your nearest branch makes it easy to watch, say, all of ‘The Prisoner’ at one’s leisure, but sometimes the entertainment comes from the library itself.

Perusing the shelves I noticed some…interesting choices in classification, including Borat’s guide to Glorious Kazakhstan amongst the travel guides.

Normally I avoid large groups of kids like the plague, but I’ll make an exception to check out the reaction of those going on Erik’s Reptile Edventure., especially once the inevitable salamander gets loose.

i get money.
Forget the illegible sticker tag (and aren’t sticker tags a tad lazy?), check out the small scrawl above. Someone just learned to print and is proud of their skills.

open your eyes girl
Now this is a proper tag. I’m thinking it’s either by ‘You Go Girl’ or ‘Read UP!’; this example’s right on the Gowanus.

tape fossil
Heading into Manhattan on a K-Mart run, I saw this tape fossil embedded in the sidewalk. When did it get there? How long has it been there? Will the day come when someone comes across it having no idea what a tape is? Is there anyway they can determine whether it was a Wham! cassette?

K-Mart in New York is an anomaly; the familiarity of suburbia run through the filter of a city’s poorly-lit corner deli. The strangest part is I haven’t seen a K-Mart out in suburbia in ages; Target sort of took over, making the one by Astor place seem akin to the few remaining porn shops around Times Square-seediness from a passing era.

Above we have two objects towards the same purpose- deep fryin’ food. Why then is the open, presumably more fire-hazardous one the ‘GranPappy’ while the lidded, poor attempt at futuristic design the ‘CoolDaddy’? Are grease burns vintage?

Snow Dog
Snow Dog!

Snowpocalypse Twenty-Ten (Snowmageddon’s just not doing it for me) really was a killstorm, with one man dead and one severely injured due to falling branches. Being indoors for 3 days straight in a teeny apartment ensured a bad case of Cabin Fever, but with the very sky threatening doom, what to do? Visit one of the city’s enormous museums, accessible by subterranean transportation, of course! (New Yorkers are a step away from becoming Morlocks in terms of how easy avoiding sunlight is).

Babylonian Sphinxes

The Met’s recreation of a Babylonian king’s hall always makes me nervous, due to watching ‘The Neverending Story’ as a kid:


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I can’t say what’s more annoying, that there’s a site called ‘The Stoop’ to chat about ‘local stuff’ or that it’s all Fort Greene/Clinton Hill bunk. They’re worried about whether schools are gender neutral enough or if the Bikrahm Yoga program they’re in is green, I worry if nearby buildings will be torched out of boredom. A 10 minute walk and worlds away.

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I believe I’ve found a store that out-Puerto-Ricos the actual island of Puerto Rico:

aaand a closer view:

Anything you can conceive of, they have with a combination of a coqui, Puerto Rican flag, the phrase ‘boricua’, or a small child wearing any of the above in conjunction with the aforementioned, available and waiting.

At a nearby bakery these two cakewrecks beckoned from the window-

Both seem to be….missing something vital to understanding the cake’s purpose.

I also attended a fun show with visuals by Your Friend Matthew, but left early because I am a party pooper. Look how pretty!

For the full effect, here’s a video:

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Perhaps it’s the laziness, or perhaps it’s the laziness, but I’m quite content just tossing up random photos this week.

This was taken the day Michael Jackson died; I’m guessing they’d already made the sign up when they heard the news. Either that or this specific type of ramen somehow represents Michael Jackson.

Remember that day when the APOCALYPSE HAPPENED?! It was really pretty, and everyone on the street shot a million photos of themselves bathed in its menacing blood red light.


I enjoy the thought some kid running with a crew choked on the first tag run, came up with this moniker, and now is stuck with the elegance and annoyance of spelling it out all over buildings.

These twin houses stand out, with their Spanish-tiled roofs and brickwork.

Yes, Cleansiness is Godliness. I say this to myself several times a day.

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