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just like the hemmingway story(click for a larger image)
This one reminds me of that Hemingway 6-word baby shoes story, but much, much sadder. ‘Cathy shirt, 2X, NEVER WORN.


heathcliff in charge

heathcliff in charge cu
It’s the background that really takes this to Spencer’s Gift-level depressing. Remember when Spencer’s Gift was more a dad-joke/gag/cheap magic trick store? Now it’s like walking into Tommy Lee’s head, or a bachelorette party underway at Egypt on the Waterfront in Jersey.


king of nothing
Why announce it as a title then?

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Man, EVERYONE’s coming out of the woodwork with their long-awaited animation debuts this week. Angry Jim just finished his cartoon episode of Drunk Talk Show, and it is well worth 40 seconds of your time.

Drunk Talk Show Kids from Drunk Talk Show on Vimeo.

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