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What with all the gentrification and family-friendlifying of New York, it’s easy to forget the city was and still remains a tiny space crammed full of people. Whether created in a higher being’s image, the fact remains one out of every one humans has weird predilections, quirks, beliefs and tastes, some of which, depending on the focus, get labeled ‘perversions’, and when you have this many humans jammed together there appear to be more perversions in the big, scary city than in the ‘safe’ suburbs. Really, it’s just a density issue.

bitch flavored mouthwash

Which might explain the casual strangeness strewn around New York- unlike the suburbs, there’s just not room to hide it.

Seriously, don’t click unless you want to be scarred by candy.

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Imperial Beef

at the laundromat, my heart grows fat

Sisters of Mercy

How does wearing a tux and bowtie induce women to trust you with their lady parts for examination? Ew.

Libreria Christiana

Ahh, the irony of believing your own hype.

Women's Meeting- Men ok

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The lashed R is killing me in this one. ‘You Go Girl’ should be given a civic award.

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The muppet that never made it to prime time. Man, this guy gets around.

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Right outside the library. Given that it’s scrawled 4 feet off the ground, kudos to the bold 2nd grader who chose such a vicious gang name.

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If I got one of these dollars from here my head might pop.

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El Especialito indeed! El dragon es tan lindo!

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Tussy. Not so tough, but well-marked.

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Firstly I am quite happy someone compiled a page of my favorite tagger-about-town: You Go Girl!. This wonderful person’s inspiring message has caught my eye on buildings in downtown Manhattan and all over my neighborhood in Brooklyn, and has several prominent tags visible riding the J over the bridge.

There’s my favorite. I think they’re either the same person as the equally inspiring ‘ReadUp!’ and ‘ReadMore!’ (also en Espanol, LibroMas!), or are at least pals with them. I’m sure they want to remain anonymous, but I’d like to let them know every time I see their tag it cheers me so.

Hee hee hee.

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I went home to Jersey this week for a family dinner, nothing more. And yet, not only did I spend two full days there instead of the expected one evening, I am now also the owner of a wee black as-yet-unnamed kitten. Go figure. One of my mom’s friends found 4 kittens in her backyard, my mom went to get one for herself, and rather than let another go to the shelter, I picked out the one who scratched me up the least. She is very tiny, wary of me, and has small, needle-sharp claws (experienced due to the wariness, I suppose).

Returning to the city, I found (heard, rather) my block transformed. Probably due to the extended weekend, or maybe just an indicator of the rest of the summer, the surrounding streets have tripled in volume. Common sounds include- loud exclamations in Spanish pertaining to the end of a joke or a good move in dominoes, car alarms, birds imitating car alarms, little kids shrieking, ambulances, moms screaming for their children to get back here RIGHT NOW, moms screaming to their children what to pick up at the bodega, thumping bass emanating from slow-rolling Expeditions, a guy yelling up to the 2nd/3rd floor of a building across the street for someone named Mari, the high-pitched whine of small motorbikes ripping down the street, loud rap or R&B music from the 2nd floor across the street, and occasionally shouted threats from large groups at opposite sides of the street. Summer’s finally here.

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