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Per request, here’s the other pattern shown in a previous post from Minerva Vol. 40. Inspired in equal parts by jaunty sailor and 60s taxicab, the pattern features a checkered collared top, skirt with checkered pockets, and a giant crocheted coat for those nippy cruise ship evenings.

Ahoy hoy!

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We were all lounging around the pool in our onesies and sandals sipping mojitos when SUDDENLY, a cold breeze swept o’er and dark turned the sun! It’s officially Fall, dammit, and now we’re all rushing around trying to find the box we crammed our sweaters in months ago. Or, you’re doing that; I never put my sweaters away in the first place because my Nana taught me it might get chilly so bring something along.

In case you can’t find that box, here’s a quick boxy jacket from Modern Knitter to whip up, in a pleasantly nubbly basket-weave stitch.


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Here’s a garment so vintage I had to look up what it was before posting; a pelise was a mantle worn over an outfit for additional warmth and decor. Though usually floor-length, this appears to be a shorter pelise, which came into fashion for a bit in certain parts of Europe. Its modern descendants include the overcoat and the dressing gown. Also whatever you call that thing you wear at night over your nightgown; I can’t recall the name at the moment.

Rather oddly it suggests this pattern would be great for a baby on the left side, but a quick assessment of the measurements indicate it’s a 32″ bust- a little on the small side for the fully-dressed modern woman, but certainly too big for most toddlers. If you’d like to create this in a larger size it would be easiest to up the gauge from the wee 7.5 sts per inch to something more reasonable like 6.5.

Click on through for the rest of the pattern!

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