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Huzzah! I can officially say what the hell I’ve been up to the last 6 months – my extraordinarily time-consuming project is part of the upcoming ‘Small Stories‘ exhibition opening June 23rd in Brooklyn.

From curator Joetta Maue:
“Small Stories is an exhibit which will celebrate the small moments in life. We are looking for work that tells the stories of the everyday; this can be in a literal or abstract way. Perhaps you make work about the banal, from the detritus of every day life, mapping your daily existence, or from the everyday relationships we surround ourselves with or desire too.”

Banal? Everyday? Small moments?! I was in the midst of a project enormous in scope and triviality, just at the point of realizing the full amount of physical effort needed to make this 2-year-old idea come fully into existence, when I saw the call for submissions. Part mea-culpa, part endurance test, submitting it to the show was the kick needed to finish it. I have been working on nothing else for the last few months, and it has slowly dawned on me that the sheer time investment is probably why no one else attempted anything similar in scale.

If I seem cryptic about my entry it’s intentional- I’d love for everyone to come out and see this bad boy in person, if only to marvel at its utter pointlessness. That’s not a knock- all art is pointless; were it functional, it would be craft. But I digress. The show information’s below, and I, THE ARTIST, will be there in person from 6 to whenever I feel like knocking off and heading to Zombie Hut, the nearby Tiki Bar offering bottomless bowls of Goldfish crackers and Boggle (oh, sweet refuge!). So come on down! Bring the kids! Drag your roommate! Tell your friends!

small stories
an exhibition of fiber work

Opening Saturday June 23, 2012, 6-9pm
On view June 20 – July 22, 2012

at the Urban Alchemist Design Collective
343 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Featuring work by:
Neta Amir, Sarah Bahr, Kristy Bishop, Millicent Bradleigh, Danielle Burgos, Nathan Carnes, Marcy Chevali, Marie France Cournoyer, Julie Anne Danylewich, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Autumn-Grace Dougherty, Ann Duggan, Di Ellis,Kelly Fleek, Veronica Fuentes, Peg Grady, Eileen Hoffman, Jane Lee Horton, Jan Johnson, Susan Lenz, Skid Lo, Sanna Majander, Anny Mefford, Laura Mongiovi, Nicole Monjeau, Ruth Moskell, Meg Pierce, Astrid Philipps, Patricia Reis, Laura Reyes, Lora Rocke, Dawn Rogal, Rachel Rose, Bonnie Sennott, Beverly Y. Smith, Ruth Tabancay, Katya Usvitsky, Ansie Vanderwalt, Leni Levenson Wiener

Info on space here.
Info on curator and exhibition here.

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The crafting season is upon us, and with it come the myriad craft fairs at which to sell one’s wares. I’ve got the goods but unfortunately, no banner to fly them under. Previous packaging was labelled ‘BUY MY STUFF!’; I figured I’d get straight the point.

This is mostly for Nick and Matt, but I’m trying to think up names for my crafty endeavours. Names, whether we like it or not, are important. There’s a reason you don’t know many CEO’s named Tammy or wrestlers named Eustace. In ancient times people hid their true names for merely to speak them aloud was to hold power over what you’d named, even nature and the Gods themselves. There are a lot of Nordic wizard legends about them singing things into existence and calling up ancient evils to do their cooking and such. I’m not that serious about it, but that sort of thing would make for a really good album cover.

Below’s a list of half-hearted attempts, to varying degrees of seriousness:

Where Eagles Dare
Friends of Science
Ars Moriendi
Black Sunday
Laughing Academy
Blank Stare
Wyckyd Sceptyr
Fairies n’Shit
Gates of Steel
Ad Absurdum
Pinkie Swear
The Doomsday Project
Cobra Verde
Upper Class Bling
Killer Riffs Academy
8th Day
A Week of Awesome
Daaaaamn, Gina!
Zebulon’s Grille and Taquileria (this is a real restaurant)
Disease Vectors
Divine Lorraine (weird building in Philly with a giant neon sign named after the owner’s mistress)
Skull & Bones
Bone Thugs and Craftery
Bloodbath and Beyond
I am curious: crafty
Viking Funerals for Hamsters
With Each Item You Buy a Chunk of My Life
Not Going To Bed
Sparkle Ponies
At The Mountains of Craftness
Unreliable Gods
Bleed In A Sour Log
Grande Belle’s IOU
All Is Burned Ego
Mystery Spot
Poor Edward
Colonel Kwik-E-Mart’s Kentucky Krafts

In all seriousness, I am trying to find a title that reflects the stuff I make, some knitting, jewelry and clothing, most of it ranging between goofy and morbid. Well, I don’t think things like the jawbone necklaces are morbid but I’ve been told it’s creepy to make something out of a cast of my mom’s teeth. She’s still alive; I don’t see the problem. Anyway. Feel free to come up with whatever you want; I’m not going to get all butt-hurt, try to insult you and reedit the entry.

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