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I was unaware there even was an International Womens’ Day until I saw all the hoopla (read: blog posts) around it on March 8th, and was so excited I waited until now to write about it. Apparently International Women’s Day’s been around since 1911, though from 1925-32 it was known as ‘Skirts Day’.

In belated celebration of the ladies, here are some outstanding women as chosen by the Brooklyn Library:

International Women's Day Display

Aww, isn’t that wonderful. We’ve got Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth:


Ain’t you a woman indeed. A very, very pixellated woman.

Including Princess Di amongst such honored personages seems a trifle light, but it was pointed out she did use her fame to help others, and she was royalty, albeit of the figurehead variety. Another royal lady prominently featured is history-altering Queen Elizabeth, portrayed holding her beloved royal poodle….hey, wait a minute…


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