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Everything about this video screams ‘Lynchian’ – the song’s dreamy 50s rhythm,

the strange man outside the events,

the overly wholesome couple,

a slight sense of menace,

the random matador…

It’s all too easy picturing Julee Cruise singing this at the Bang Bang Bar.

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Perhaps there’s some commonality I’m unaware of, but suddenly everyone around me started watching ‘Twin Peaks’. Friends, roommates and 3 coworkers are plowing through Season 1 talking about the Double R and donuts. Not to mention the Onion TV Club started writing an episode-by-episode synopsis for a show now 15 years off the air, though this was news to all those I told.

Having not seen the second season (I purchased the first season with its nifty class photo/autopsy picture cover art and didn’t want to go for the Gold Edition that just came out), I’m thrilled my roommates are hooked and doing the renting. Compared to the dark period they were addicted to The West Wing, constantly walking in to hear ‘Falling In Love’ is pure delight.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of Season 2, but I will defend Season 1 as some of the best television broadcast. A lot of people express surprise it made it on the air at all, saying ‘it’s so weird!’ Sure, there’s the Log Lady and the Red Room, but for the most part the show takes what’s present in regular televised drama, amplifies it and boils it down. Plus there’s all the tawdry doings and twists lifted from afternoon soap plots, which the show even references with its own ‘Invitation To Love’. Q: when is ‘Invitation to Love’ on? A: Always.

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Look at him. Slick as black ice.

I know what you’re thinking- “My god, two posts in one day, I’m not sure I can handle this much awesomeness.” Well, I’m sorry but you and your petty issues will have to wait: DAVID LYNCH HAS A NEW MOVIE COMING OUT!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! WOOOO!! Woo!
That means not one, no, not even two, verily, but FOUR movies by THREE of my favorites are coming out within the year!(Tim Burton has two- Corpse Bride:
(isn’t that just gorgeous-nothing’s as lovely-looking as dramatically lit stop motion)
and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory). WOOOOOOO!
I’m practically hyperventillating over the sheer glut of excellent filmery I can indulge in. Disappointed though I was Gilliam’s ‘Good Omens’ fell through, ‘The Brother’s Grimm’ is coming out at the end of summer….wait a minute…HE HAS TWO MOVIES COMING OUT TOO! YEEEEEEE!!!! I absolutely forgot about ‘Tideland’! Sweet merciful butterbeans.
I adore David Lynch. Not just his films, the man himself. Have you ever seen an interview with him? He’s got this absolutely middle america nasally accent and has the magical ability to non-answer questions. You can throw whatever you want at him, no matter how pointed, how exactingly worded, he can non-answer it with the grace of a leaping gazelle. Top it all off with an aura of wholesome, good-natured folksiness and a pompadour…the combination is mesmerizing. And then he pops out with this left hook:

This is his rejected contribution to New York City’s Cow Parade. One can almost hear any other pretentious bastard yammering on about the representation of death and country amidst life and city and the consumerization of art, blah blah blah. What does Lynch say?
“I don’t think it will be a particularly friendly looking cow.”
No, David, no it won’t.

Just to up the dork factor, at the 2000 Village Halloween Parade a number of groups created giant puppets and floats based around a theme; I think that year’s was ‘Fantasy’ or some such vague thing. Anyway, this group dressed in fitted body suits and capes comes walking down, bearing what look like top-heavy walking sticks and flanking an enormous, sandy-colored puppet. It’s being ridden by another fellow holding two hooks and that’s when I realize it’s a Sandworm from Dune. Me and the only other person who caught it(some hippie dangling from a second-story balcony) started shouting ‘The spice is life!’ and ‘it’s the Quisat Saderaht!’ while the people I was with tried as best they could in a sardine-packed crowd to inch away from me.

Holy nerdlinger, they have website for it.

Go by your local movie theater right now to see some guy in a tent’s dog wearing this:

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