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Imagine my delight learning there was a 1928 silent film of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Telltale Heart’. I’m guessing it’s German:


Picture 17

That room is so German Expressionistic the chairs are just abstract shards reflecting the character’s tortured psyche.


The film’s a breeze to watch at a mere 28 minute running length, though the cheap synth-keyboard soundtrack makes it feel a little longer. Its main charm is the use of animated text and overlay to convey the main character’s tortured mindset, along with what at the time must have been VERY fast edits.


You can watch the entire thing with burned-in Russian subtitles here; the site seems like it’s a haven for porn and viruses, but from brief perusal has a wide selection of anime, TV shows and vintage films.

Picture 18


Picture 22

Picture 16







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Yes, yes, that header should have gone with a post about the recent John Cusack-as-E.A. Poe-stickfighting-fisticuffs-movie. Still, it seems an appropriate enough reaction to Penguin’s choice of cover image for their latest Poe compendium:

Edgar Allen Poe: sexy, sexy lead guitarist. If the trend in commercial interior decor continues on its backwards path through time, with speakeasies already last year’s model, this guy’s outfit will be de rigeur at the soon-to-be hottest saloon in town. Perhaps you’re not a fan of beards? Fear not that dread darkness – Penguin’s got you covered:

EEEEEEEEEE! HE’S EVEN MORE FOPPISH AND BROODING! Be still the beating of that hideous heart! I realize times and tastes have changed, but turning Poe into a sexy, mopey pretty boy presumably to to attract younger readers – do his words not carry enough weight? Poe’s already Grand Champion of eerie gothic literature amongst the clove cigarette-smoking crowd; is a hot dude on the cover absolutely necessary to draw in more readers? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pleasant change of pace when an image used out-of-context purely for ogling’s sake is male. But Poe could be as acerbic and funny as he was morbid, and these young men look less like they’re contemplating the rotten depths the human mind can sink to and more like they wish they hadn’t panic-ordered huevos rancheros at brunch.

I couldn’t find any information about the illustrator or editor of this particular edition, which is a shame as I’d love to hear their reasoning for the new covers. It isn’t that the illustrations are ugly- the art certainly looks good, and the flat images here don’t do justice to the pleasing textures that pop seeing the covers in person. Were they attempting to keep up with Twilight’s hunky and mentally abusive male characters? Did they just want a more modern young man to bring the story into the present for new readers? Also, who posed for this and where can I download his album?

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Hello All. Did everyone enjoy ‘Marwencol’? Was everyone sufficiently moved by the triumph of an individual over personal demons using means at hand to help, resulting in a beauty that only comes of truth? Great! Glad we got that out of our systems. It’s October, and high time to gird ourselves for a month of cardboard sets, flimsy plots, and laughably unscary monsters! IT’S B-HORROR MONTH here at the I.Q. Movie Club!

To ease us gently in, we’ll kick this week off with one of Roger Corman’s classier Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, ‘The Tomb of Ligeia’. It’s got all the hallmarks: a tormented Vincent Price, a young lady in danger from the supernatural, evil cats, confused servants, and buildings collapsing as they burn!

Searching for the trailer, I came across this infinitely crappier modern version. Note the smurf-blue coloration and flashed footage apparently indicating horror. Also checked off the list: creepy kid at night, a well, bad CGI and burlesque. Nothing terrifies like a random, mostly nude dance sequence!

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