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It wasn’t until after I hobbled into the office I realized with certainty I would not be able to do my job that day. By the time the subway dragged me home, each jostle a torment, the flu had blossomed in full force. To avoid my stupidity, in this case ignoring obvious symptoms like aches and complete lack of appetite, always err on the side of caution. At worst you’ll have a day off. At best you’ll avoid a personal recreation of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’.  For further elucidation, do enjoy these helpful videos on how to avoid all sorts of germs.

Para Español…’What Is Disease – Unseen Enemy’

It seems bizarre ANYTHING Disney escaped into public domain, but this movie, created as part of a larger goodwill project between the American and various South American governments, most likely lost copyright when the government group responsible for creating it dissolved. I’m not quite sure how that susses out fully, and am too tired to do the research.

‘Joan Avoids A Cold’ (1947)

Don’t be like Joan’s brother Jim or his thoughtless friend George, or you’ll miss the Kermesse! This movie also serves as subtle Dutch propaganda – “The Dutch people keep CLEAN!” Not like those OTHER European groups.

Goodbye, Mr. Germ (Reel 1 of 2)

Goodbye, Mr. Germ (Reel 2 of 2)

This one features a Joycean mad scientist, Fleisher Bros.-style animation, and a TB germ sounding like Boris Ravenscroft. I was surprised to find the animation wasn’t Fleisher’s, but a smaller company out of Philadelphia called De Frenes. Interestingly, the company’s tied to the UFO community through a request for an animated short on the subject matter (and that is the sanest link I could find, though if you’re into animated UFO gifs, go nuts in GoogleSearch).




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