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Ah, the long stretch of drudgery after the hectic holiday season. It’s a time of sickened overindulgence and desperate boredom in equal parts. What better moment to post pictures from my own simultaneously crammed and void seasonal stretch? Early in December, arriving home and seeing the full mass of Christmas decorations heaped on our dining room table, I felt inspired* to grab the ol’ point n’ shoot.

(*inspired = wanted to avoid getting pine sap all over me.)

Years of family history lay in tangled heaps, briefly exhumed only to be packed back up in short measure for another year’s basement exile.

This is the oldest ornament my family has, from my mom’s family. I think of her as the Sugarplum Fairy. She’s too fragile and precious to risk hanging low on the tree, easy cat bait, so we tend to hang her high. Wait, that came out wrong.

These must have been created at the behest of some well-meaning elementary school teacher – too clunky to actually hang on the tree, but with photos specifically taken for the holiday season. Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas!’ like awkward personal poses.

One small testament to the skill of Grandma Tillie, not a blood relation but our grandma’s best friend. Aside from copious canvas needlepoint, she stitched each of us stockings for our first Christmas. We still use them.

Brass and vague resemblance to ‘Love Is’. Ah, the ’70s.

Another well-intended class project.

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As said previously, I’m not buying a damn thing for Christmas this year. Ergo, I’ve become quite busy making presents for the well-deserving, with less time for informing the internet community of, say, what Corey Feldman is up to.

I’m also participating in this year’s La Superette, a ‘showcase’ for inexpensive ‘handicrafts’ from arty folk like myself. If you got a useful degree like biology, but always wanted to know what going to art school would’ve been like, head over to La Superette. It’s replete with installation art easily mistaken for a messy corner, experimental choreography, and $10 yarn-wrapped-around-twig gifts.

My contributions are the slightly more effort-intensive bits pictured below. I hope pretentious Williamsburg hipsters find them ironic enough to pay me for.

This is stage 3 of the brooches- they’re baked and glued but I haven’t poured the resin yet.

Click here for further craftiness

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