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Per request, here’s the other pattern shown in a previous post from Minerva Vol. 40. Inspired in equal parts by jaunty sailor and 60s taxicab, the pattern features a checkered collared top, skirt with checkered pockets, and a giant crocheted coat for those nippy cruise ship evenings.

Ahoy hoy!

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Man, for some reason I am really into these chunky cardigans from Jack Frost. They all have wonderful 40s shoulders and lines but without the painstaking effort of tiny gauges and time. This one caught the eye with another recent fascination, chunky cables and textures.

This would look wonderful just a tad longer for more of a swing coat feel or, for the more adventurous: start off with the knit braid + 1 stitch on the inside edge, knit it long enough to fit across half the back and the front piece plus a little extra, then cast on the rest of the front and continue as normal. When seaming up tack the braid to the sides and seam them together at the back for extra length plus a bit more texture.

Can’t get enough of that Willow Down stuff.

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So, apparently ‘chunky knits’ are in fashion now. Cue obligatory runway pictures:

Yeaaah, whenever the ‘fashion world’, aka the evil cabal of bitchy women and gay men plotting to make everyone feel bad about themselves for not looking like a 15-year-old boy, knock their heads together and come up with something you’re already doing, it’s a mixed blessing. On the one hand, seeing a sea of trendy folk trotting about looking like you can be quite irritating, not to mention confusing (remember the 90s? When jocks co-opted flannel and The Red Hot Chili Peppers? Very perplexing). On the other hand, when what you like is ‘in’, it’s everywhere and easily purchased. Yay! (A major exception: the persistent ‘glasses as fashion accessories’ trend. 50′s-style Ray Bans in every store are no consolation for the thousands making a mockery of myopia to try and look like they read Kierkegaard. What’s next, leg braces to accentuate long leg lines? But I digress). For those of you who already knit, for those of you who already enjoy vintage patterns, this week’s just another treat. And for those of you who enjoy being fashionable, this week’s pattern will also suit.

Fashion- turn to the left!

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Last post I asked if anyone had any special requests. Someone named Elizabeth asked for patterns from the 1920s, and it just so happened I’d scanned in a very tattered 1920s Monarch book! Unfortunately, I can’t figure out which book it is; it’s in pretty bad shape and missing the first and last 3 pages. If anyone can help identify it, I’d appreciate the help. Given the emphasis on boyishly flat and athletic ladies, with some nods to the length and trim of the turn of the century, I’m confident in saying this pattern’s from 1925 or earlier.


It’s knit in an interesting one-piece style, starting from the back, growing out to include the arms, then shrinking back down as you create the neck in front. As it was meant to stretch snugly over an athletic form or full-body girdle (one that also flattened the chest down) you may want to knit it slightly looser for a more forgiving and comfortable fit.

Raccoon Coat Sold Separately.

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