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This seems like something Tim and Eric copy the look of exactly.


mime babe

If you guessed this might be a still from a French 80s music video, you are both stereotyping and absolutely correct.




That guy is not even trying to pretend he’s playing the guitar. At one point he magically plays a synth flamenco riff by slapping the top strings.

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Last Halloween was a strange one. With everyone still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, people suffered desperate cabin fever while not being able to really go anywhere. Many events had been planned, including several all-cover shows at local music venues, but most places were shut down, and no one was sure if any events were still on. In some places the power still wasn’t on.

Several friends were slated to play back-to-back all-cover shows, first at Glasslands, then around the corner at Death By Audio. For the unfamiliar, all-cover Halloween shows are a delightful recent tradition, whereby all bands playing are strictly covering another well-known band’s songs, usually dressed up as & behaving like that band. The Misfits are a wildly popular choice here, though most can’t get the Lodi accent right. My friends were playing as…I’m not actually sure what name they went under that night, but they were a Go-Gos cover band and batted around The Go-Guys, Go-Guhs and We Got The Meat(ewwww). Other Glassland bands covered The Cramps, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and oddly, Witchfinder General (didn’t think they were popular enough to warrant a cover band, but then life can be full of pleasant surprises). It was a crammed roster full of bands. Death By Audio had a showcase of just 4 bands doing full sets of songs, including a gender-switched Joy Division that worked despite initial doubts about female vocals hitting the low range (and unfortunately she couldn’t resist wearing a noose tie, which was expected but still tacky), and a MOST excellent Ramones who got EVERYTHING right, including a) announcing ‘Thanks, we’re The Ramones’ between every song, b) Dee-Dee in a half-shirt, c) no one making eye contact with any other member but glaring straight ahead. Genius. Both shows became insanely packed once word got out they were happening, and to Brooklyn’s credit, 95% of attendees had decent costumes (and no, a lone mask or glitter bowler hat does not a costume make. Fake cat ears + tail with a sexy dress is also debatable as to whether it’s a costume or a cry for help).

The shows went well, everyone had a damn fine Halloween with plenty of treats to make up for Nature’s vicious trick, and that seemed to be that. But having practiced all those songs for so long it seemed a shame not to do anything with it. So my friends went ahead and released a full cassette, available here. And then they had a bunch of footage left over from the photo shoot for the cassette, and it seemed a shame not to do anything with it, which is how I ended up editing a music video out of it for them.

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Everything about this video screams ‘Lynchian’ – the song’s dreamy 50s rhythm,

the strange man outside the events,

the overly wholesome couple,

a slight sense of menace,

the random matador…

It’s all too easy picturing Julee Cruise singing this at the Bang Bang Bar.

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I’ve been animating a project for the last month or so that I’ve had to keep under wraps; hours and hours of stop-motion and Wacom-tableting that I couldn’t say one peep about. Well, it just premiered on Pitchfork TV so NOW I’M TELLING EVERYBODY!

Behold, the video for Total Slacker’s ‘Crystal Necklace’!

In addition to animating the stop-motion bits at the end and rotoscoping over the footage, I also helped build the set and re-glitter the drums between takes. So much glitter. YrFriendMatthew directed and Mr. Chris Person cinematographed. Is that a word? Now it is!

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Sure, we’re all familiar with the Safety Dance. But did you know it had a sequel video, AND an accompanying goofy dance of its own?

That’s right, with the wench on keyboards, the dwarf manning the…uh, lute, and an audience full of medieval peasantry and new wave punks, ‘I Like T’ picks up where ‘Safety Dance’ left off. Which is to say it also doesn’t make much sense but antes up the ‘war machine’ footage and throws in some facist imagery to boot. EDIT: Oh man, I also just noticed the wench is pregnant. Perhaps that ties into all the ‘children are safer in the country’ images. Or not.

And you can act real cool and totally removed and I’ll act like an imbicile!

And we can dance…

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