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It’s been a busy September, preparing for the best and spookiest month of all: OCTOBER. Yes, cool weather, warm beverages, cider donuts, haunted everything, costume planning, and horror films as far as the eye can see – October has it all*.

I’ve been doing my small part for Spectacle Theater’s run of amazing midnight movies – check out the trailer for SATAN’S BLOOD (aka ESCALOFRIO, which literally translated means ‘feverish chill’ or just ‘chill’ – I can see why the English title might want to push the Satanic angle a bit more).


Now, a warning for the prudish (aka, me): this movie has SO MUCH SATANIC NUDITY. So. Much. I cannot emphasize how much nudity in direct correlation to Satanic activities this movie contains. At least 1/2 of its full running time has people completely naked, with 1/3 of that directly tied to Satanic activities. I understand this movie comes from Europe, where perhaps the culture’s a little more relaxed about struttin’ around nude. I mean, part of what makes America the country it is is its strong foundation of Puritan frowniness on the physical (and the corresponding mixed messages layered on top of that). But still, if you are not prepared for it, the amount of full-frontal in Satan’s Blood comes as a shock. It’s a midnight movie, so I’m assuming their jaded audiences won’t even blink twice, but as the person who had to watch, re-watch, trim and edit this, it was a bit much.


*You may have caught my exclusion of ‘pumpkin-flavored ____’, another October ubiquity. However much I love pumpkin flavored stuff, the same gaggle of ladies that irritate me the rest of the year would stab a man for the last Pumpkin Spice Latte, so I’m leaving it off the list of pure October delights.

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Waiting for the 6 train, I began idly scanning magazines lining the walls of the subterranean snack kiosk. Some had been there for a fluorescent-aged eternity, others were the latest edition. However, quite a number of them had post-it notes stuck to them. At first I assumed this was a way to mark certain months or editions. Then I noticed their placement:

Yep. They were chastity post-its, covering up scandalous cleavage so the eye wouldn’t commit the sin of oggling. Apparently this goes for cleavage of all kinds.

I’m assuming this has something to do with Islamic law, as more intensive versions of censorship have come to light, most hilariously the Photoshopped covers of Mariah Carey albums sold in Saudi Arabia. What I’m still unsure of is whether the cover-up was for the sake of the kiosk operators or us, the gullible masses. Whoever’s eyes were to be averted, there were some major quality control issues going on. Trina’s ass is too much, but Katy Perry’s boobs get a free pass? What are your parameters?!

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