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Hello all,

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lack of posts recently. Perhaps you’ve been too enomoured of the changing seasons to even notice. Perhaps my ego’s puffed up enough to assume anyone actually notices anything about a particular website before immediately clicking on to the next series of animated GIFs (featuring kitties, of course). Of late time has become a more precious commodity, due to the slowly dwindling amount of daylight to burn, the toll of the daily grind, and what I’ll loosely refer to as ‘The Saturn Return’. Mark Twain said it best when he wrote, “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” I’d hate to think of this site as work, and, for now at least, will limit Free Pattern Fridays to a vague schedule of every other week-ish, or whenever I find a genuinely exellent pattern to write about and share.

So much for the ‘bad news’; on to the good: this week’s patternsssssss(plural) include a most delightful removable Peter Pan collar, a dainty belt, wee rosebud jewelry, and a change purse. The change purse (or ‘compact cover’, to hide the shameful fact you powder your nose) I could live without, but who knows, perhaps someone on your holiday gift list has been dying for some way to keep their loose change just like the folks on ‘Mad Men’.

(Here’s what’s on the table this week.)

Fuzzy Wuzzy is an undignified name for a yarn.

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This week’s freebie is an adorable 1930s crocheted number with a checkered peter pan collar and matching belt and ascot. The 1930s had the perfect mix of classy and girlie, resulting in a delightfully elegant ladylike look, pretty much the opposite of the modern sorority uniform of knotted t-shirt, sweat/pajama pants rolled at the waist, and grody worn flip-flops. Seriously ladies IT’S WINTER. Cover your feet; the frostbite isn’t worth showing off your french pedicure (ew). It is my sincerest hopes that by sharing a bit of historical loveliness each week I cancel out someone, somewhere swathing their ass in velour reading ‘JUICY’.

Handicrafter cover

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