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Not one, but two. Two Pee-Wee movies looming on the horizon. Dare we breath lest this fragile dream swirl back into dust? In the interview found here, Paul Reubens talks about his time in The Playhouse and the two movies centered around it he has in the works. The interview itself is pretty adorable:

What were some of your favorite characters in the Playhouse?

I just felt panicked when you asked me that. I can’t name a favorite character because all of the rest will feel left out. I forgot for a minute that they weren’t real people.

He’s totally lying when he claims there’s no subtext to the show, though. Has anyone seen ‘A Pee-Wee Christmas Special’ lately? It’s ok to watch it off-season, in fact it makes summer even better. Even glossing over the appearances by Cher, Grace Jones, k.d. Lang, and somehow ignoring the very Village People sing-along themesong by the Men’s Choir dolled up in Navy gear, you cannot explain or comprehend the final scene in any other way: Pee-Wee shows his friends he’s using all their fruitcakes to have a new wing of the Playhouse built…by shirtless, oiled beefcakes flexing their muscles as they carefully laid each piece. With closeups. Yep.

Though I’m jazzed about anything Paul Reubens commits to screen (his genius appearance in 30 Rock, his delightful turn in the movie ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’), and I’d love to see a movie about The Playhouse, I preferred the setup of ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’, where he lived in a world sort of like ours. The Playhouse was a perfect place where all sorts of weird behavior and shenanigans happened, because that was what the space was for. To see that sort of weirdness in spaces that we could go (like the Alamo) made it seem like it might happen in our own lives.

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