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To start the new year off right I recommend watching ‘Harvey’, a charming movie about a man and his invisible 6 foot rabbit best friend.

There’s an underlying sadness that’s implied and never explained in the film- James Stewart’s Elwood P. Dowd was a smart, capable man who in his sister’s words could have been anything he wanted, but instead hangs out in cheap bars doing mostly nothing. It’s hinted that he took the death of his mother very hard, but the film focuses solely on the present where Elwood chats up random strangers in bars with Harvey by his side. The film manages to show both the waste and value in Elwood’s life, keeping it from veering into saccharine glop. Unfortunately there’s talks of a remake, so watch it now and steel yourselves for a giant zany CGI rabbit no one but Elwood can see getting into all sorts of fart joke shenanigans at a theater near you.

Also here are some bunnies in cups:

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Above are two of the numerous ludicrous attack scenes from ‘Night of the Lepus’, the film where humans are terrorized by….giant rabbits. Note to self-when making a horror movie about giant animals try and pick one that people are normally frightened of/grossed out by on the small scale anyway:
(This may be of poorer quality but it shows all the good stuff, and by ‘good stuff’ I mean giant radioactive ant attacks. Ah, for a simpler time again.)
(From ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’, a surprisingly existential meditation on man, despite the lurid title)

…or an animal that would actually become more imposing at a larger scale. Giant rabbits are still rabbits. Sure, these supposedly got a taste for blood when they mutated, but that doesn’t make them any less fluffy.
(from ‘Attack of the Puppet People’, though really it’s mostly them getting attacked.)

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