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To start the new year afresh, I hereby purge these random images haunting my desktop. Make of them what you will.


family drama

I don’t know what show this referred to, but I don’t want to – the show I imagined is a lot better (it involves roommates Criss Angel, David Blaine and The Crow working at a coffee shop trying to make it in The Big City.)

Picture 1

From an unfinished animation project.


portrait 2

portrait 1

Screencaps from an unwittingly homoerotic 70s version of ‘The Portrait of Dorian Gray’.

driving in my car





Handwriting Analysis – the analysis where everyone loses!


I tried finding out more about this but this picture’s all I got.

might rod

Inbox shenanigans.


Picture 3

The 60s.

Picture 1



Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 2.38.23 AM

Photoshop boredom.


Picture 1



Numen Lumen


According to Melissa:


Actual words in reference to Cher’s latest music video ‘Take It Like A Man’.


Free HD Wallpapers

Made for a pal.

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Brooklyn Floyd cover
I realized while posting this the image looks just like Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ cover, sans pig. Photoshop calls!

Loans building
Quick research shows the pawnbroker symbol is commonly attributed to the Lombard Medici family. Some distant relative slew a giant for Charlemagne using three rocks and the rocks were worked into the family crest. This is an interesting example as the balls are usually dangling in front of the shop inverted, instead of tree-like and flat on a building’s roof.

Homer's Watching
The strong must protect the sweet.

Construction Lady
This was a tile store display window. I thought the lady was a real person and jumped a country mile at first. Then I wondered why the hell a showroom model in construction gear was needed for a tile display.

3-D x 3
3-D x 3!

Pikachu poot
Pikachu looks a little too happy looking up his angrier, larger self’s pants.

I Love Little Pussy
No comment.

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Perhaps it’s the laziness, or perhaps it’s the laziness, but I’m quite content just tossing up random photos this week.

This was taken the day Michael Jackson died; I’m guessing they’d already made the sign up when they heard the news. Either that or this specific type of ramen somehow represents Michael Jackson.

Remember that day when the APOCALYPSE HAPPENED?! It was really pretty, and everyone on the street shot a million photos of themselves bathed in its menacing blood red light.


I enjoy the thought some kid running with a crew choked on the first tag run, came up with this moniker, and now is stuck with the elegance and annoyance of spelling it out all over buildings.

These twin houses stand out, with their Spanish-tiled roofs and brickwork.

Yes, Cleansiness is Godliness. I say this to myself several times a day.

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Soo, is the dog named ‘Bad Boy Mike’, and also a bad dog, or is ‘Bad Boy Mike’ the owner of the bad dog…?

This may be the best use of Photoshop I’ve ever seen. Who the hell needs a BUCKET of these monstro-wings?

This was on a bench inside a Jersey ShopRite advertising the wonders that could be done with your photos. They start with a wall-eyed kitten and….improve….it by putting it in a conch-shell planter! On a beach! The kitten still looks wall-eyed, and sort of sad! My own mother had to drag me away after I stood there laughing for 5 minutes, scaring people entering the store.

Also, I should probably wait until I actually set the thing up to announce this, but I hate Livejournal so much I can’t wait- as soon as my website’s up and running I am OUT OF HERE!!! Oh man, I despise LJ SO MUCH, from having to sign in next to the world’s dumbest questions (today’s was ‘On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?’ If this actually cures writer’s block I hereby declare the cure worse than the disease) to the endless flamewars from myriad Russian posters over an image whose controversy I don’t know/care about (you are keeping me from reading hilariously sexist/racist advertising from the past, people!)

Yes, the day of cleansing will soon be upon us, whence I shall throw off the shackles of this particular blogging site and reorganize stuff so those who don’t give a deuce about knitting shan’t have to read it, and those who just want the free goods can easily get them without slogging through rants about Baby Boomers (ooh, don’t even get me started). And on that glorious day I shall post here triumphantly for the last time a LINK to the promised page. Woo.

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I have way too many photos on my computer, so I figured I’d share, starting with this selection from Camp City:

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