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Of late the weather’s been so nice visiting a park seemed mandatory. Ah, an escape from the drudgery of cement.

Passive Recreation Only

I just ended up sitting quietly with my hands in my lap. Though, I did learn about nature in the main building:

Scats of North American Wildlife

Yes, that is a man riding a motorcycle around a basketball court.

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Is my name George Orr? Because my thoughts seem to be shaping reality. Or more likely(and less egotistically), it’s a case of Blue Car Syndrome-if you pick anything and focus on it they start popping up everywhere, the classic example being blue cars. In any event, I’ve been working on setting up and shooting some wee stop motion shorts, and others unaware of this have been showing me amazing animated bits seemingly out of the blue.

Firstly there’s Pes, whose work you’ve probably seen on TV (he’s done commercials for Bacardi and more recently that pixellated skate shoe commercial where the kid’s the board). He makes absolutely delightful shorts and images with found objects, using the stop-motion medium to full effect. He and his producer are also from Montclair, NJ, which again matters to no one outside of the Garden State. I recommend KaBoom!, the Sneaux commercial, and the Moth short.

Then there’s Space Wars, which greatly confuses me. It’s drawn in a naive style and has a total stoner sensibility, yet whoever animated this has great grasp of comic timing and effect. What with animation’s requirements of saint-level patience and concentrated attention for longer-than-5-minute spans, this could not have been made by your average layabout. I also dig the homemade soundtrack.

After viewing his other film ‘Barfight’, I am seriously intimidated by this guy’s daydreams.

It’s driving me nuts that I can’t find it, but somewhere out there is a recent music video where all the lyrics were animated with completely different mediums, including PVC pipe, sugar, grass, shoelaces, and insects. Does anyone know what this is? There is no greater frustration than not being able to find something on Google.

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