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Hello All. Did everyone enjoy ‘Marwencol’? Was everyone sufficiently moved by the triumph of an individual over personal demons using means at hand to help, resulting in a beauty that only comes of truth? Great! Glad we got that out of our systems. It’s October, and high time to gird ourselves for a month of cardboard sets, flimsy plots, and laughably unscary monsters! IT’S B-HORROR MONTH here at the I.Q. Movie Club!

To ease us gently in, we’ll kick this week off with one of Roger Corman’s classier Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, ‘The Tomb of Ligeia’. It’s got all the hallmarks: a tormented Vincent Price, a young lady in danger from the supernatural, evil cats, confused servants, and buildings collapsing as they burn!

Searching for the trailer, I came across this infinitely crappier modern version. Note the smurf-blue coloration and flashed footage apparently indicating horror. Also checked off the list: creepy kid at night, a well, bad CGI and burlesque. Nothing terrifies like a random, mostly nude dance sequence!

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