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Don’t forget to set your TiVOs. I doubt they’ll have anything to rival their big capper from last year: the grotesque and fascinating first documented shark mating put to film. It was a swirling mass of near-death and raw aggression.

On a side note, one of the first extensive forays into the black and icy waters surrounding the Antarctic found a number of new species and pockets of thriving ecosystems interspersed amongst silent deeps.

Also, intrasonic frequencies, felt but unheard by human ears, have been found used in communication by both elephants and whales at ear-shattering levels of over 110 decibels. As the waves are upwards of 50 ft. in length, we cannot hear them.

Just a wee reminder there is still much to discover, and that the world is a far more interesting and stranger place than we can perceive. Also, sharks are mad scary and awesome in their might, and I’m glad Discovery dedicates a full week to these perfect primeval killing machines. I forget the name of it, but one of the hour-long specials is hosted by this English fellow with an unfortunate blonde bowl cut circa 1968, who just up and puts on flippy-fins and goes diving, bare, with these creatures. Why? Because he admires their perfection. Yes.

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