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I thought this pattern was one of the first I’d posted- excellent lace pattern, scooped yoke neck, puffy sleeves, what’s not to love? Color me surprised to find it languishing on my external hard drive. Well, better late than never; enjoy!

Opalsheen sounds like an 80s feminist superhero in touch with her emotions.

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Ah, the deep end of summer. A time for everyone to flee their rotting stenchhole of a city and enjoy the majesty of nature. Why not take a trip upstate to camp out under the stars? Don’t forget your pudgy-pie maker for some good eating over the campfire! Jane here knows what I’m talking about; she’s smartly dressed for a day…and chilly night! out of the tent.

With high wool pants and a lovely sports sweater, Jane will have a wonderful time peeking through her binoculars. What are you looking at there, Jane?

He’s a cute lil’ guy!

Ohh, better watch out there!

Ahh, actually that’s quite creepy…

Jane, where the hell are you pointing your binoculars?

Anyway, you too can enjoy the…sublime…sights of nature in style!

Seriously Jane, those deer will eat you the second you fall asleep.

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Just to change things up I’m posting one more pattern from the depths of the Australian Home Journal. This pert number would look delightful in a rich jewel tone, or you could just knit it monochromatically and stick a bunch of metal bits at the shoulder (that seems to be de rigueur if ladies tottering around Soho are to be trusted).



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