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This week’s pattern, the stripey number on the left, is again from Holiday Handknits, the 60s wonder that keeps on giving. It isn’t just a quick-knit dress to greet the nicer weather with, it also teaches you how to project yourself into other people’s photos and hover several inches off the ground!

(The first tip-off was the hard-lined hair.)

Also the hoverfoot.

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Per request, I’m sharing another pattern from the very 60s ‘Holiday Handknits’. I very nearly posted this last week, but thought the chunkiness, extensive bobbling and nehru collar might put off most knitters. Not that that’s stopped me before.

(Check out the sharp Photoshop work.)

People bill and coo over the costume design in ‘Mad Men’, but the above is an important reminder not to pick and choose at what we recall from a period, lest history repeat itself:

Barbarella and David Bowie actually pull off silver lame quite well.

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