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In the grand tradition of blasting in the new year with unnecessary gunfire, here’s the trigger-happy trailer for ‘Johnny Hamlet’, a 60s Spaghetti Western adaptation of The Bard’s classic tragedy.

JOHNNY HAMLET (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968) from Spectacle Theater on Vimeo.

Playing this January as part of Spectacle Theater’s ‘Fistful of Shakespeare’ program, this film was shot on location in the ‘American’ ‘west’ (note the ‘Native American’ cave paintings and guy getting a beatdown) and features gratuitous violence, soliloquies, and murder most foul.

After a solid week editing this thing, I could still listen to the theme song on loop though I’ve apparently misheard the lyrics the entire time- lines like ‘Find the man who never kills, not even for the love of gold’ I heard as ‘I’m the man…who never kills, not even for a lot of gold…’ I sort of like my lyrics better: ‘The dreamer grows wise when he sees you with his eyes….and shadows seem more real than old men’s lies…’

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