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A couple months ago I was overjoyed when a Bed Stuy artist plastered the area with posters saying “Don’t Tell Me To Smile”, with drawn pictures of non-smiling ladies. If you are someone of any gender going around minding your business, or perhaps even feeling down, it never really helps the situation to hear some random person order you to do something, however well-intended. It also doesn’t help that in many cases, the suggestion is absolutely gendered, with some random guy telling a lady he doesn’t know from Eve what to do. AT BEST. I say ‘at best’ because in many instances this is followed up by said guy hitting on the girl, or yelling at her when she fails to comply. Oh, how I loved someone had taken that sentiment and painted the town red with it.

So recently when my sister sent a link to this Jezebel article on a sweater bearing that same message, I was happy the message was available in wearable form, but thought the design was hideous. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but here’s my quick mockup, to be executed by interested parties in permanent marker on any available t-shirt handy:


don't tell me to smile
(click for a larger image)

(and yes they make Sharpies in that exact shade of pink, should you so wish)

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