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Aw, nertz. I thought I’d set this thing up to post automatically, but it appears this was not the case. C’est la vie.


This week’s pattern reminds me of New Jersey native and fashion icon Debbie Harry. What with her predilection for showing off her incredible gams, you’d save time, yarn, and more closely emulate her style by knitting the skirt about 3 feet shorter. Even better, follow a pattern for knit shorts (say, this pattern right here), and make a trendy lil’ romper.

Modern Knitting S47 39

You just keep on dreaming.

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Just to change things up I’m posting one more pattern from the depths of the Australian Home Journal. This pert number would look delightful in a rich jewel tone, or you could just knit it monochromatically and stick a bunch of metal bits at the shoulder (that seems to be de rigueur if ladies tottering around Soho are to be trusted).



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Ah, the holidays. A time for carefully laid plans to age gangly in the face of regression and 50+ channels in HD. Still, better late than never, here’s a fun vintage pattern for the gents or the ladies- Smart Alex socks!

The twisty stripe reminds me of a carousel or carnival; this one would be fun in any bright 50s color combinations including the green, yellow and brown recommended.

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Oh, I am in a generous mood this evening. I’ve decided to post a freeeeeee pattern every Friday starting TO-NITE! Vintage Knitting affecionados, rejoice, everyone else, there’ll be other stuff on here.


Yay Free Stuff!

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