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…the Simpsons-obsessive sprite builders at the M.U.G.E.N. database:




This guy right here on Tumblr:



…and everything else getting me through the workday before Thanksgiving. More mawkish thanks will come tomorrow (family, love – the usual), and there will be ample time for a year’s worth of regrets come Black Friday.

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As said previously, I’m not buying a damn thing for Christmas this year. Ergo, I’ve become quite busy making presents for the well-deserving, with less time for informing the internet community of, say, what Corey Feldman is up to.

I’m also participating in this year’s La Superette, a ‘showcase’ for inexpensive ‘handicrafts’ from arty folk like myself. If you got a useful degree like biology, but always wanted to know what going to art school would’ve been like, head over to La Superette. It’s replete with installation art easily mistaken for a messy corner, experimental choreography, and $10 yarn-wrapped-around-twig gifts.

My contributions are the slightly more effort-intensive bits pictured below. I hope pretentious Williamsburg hipsters find them ironic enough to pay me for.

This is stage 3 of the brooches- they’re baked and glued but I haven’t poured the resin yet.

Click here for further craftiness

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