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This week’s pattern took a little extra time to set up because it had to be dug out of an enormous pile of miscellaneous vintage paper goods. Somewhere in that massive stack sat an absolutely patriotic salute to this great land, and consarn it, it would be found if it took all night. And it did! And here it is, the Americana, in all its star-spangled glory. The directions don’t come right out and say it but you can only knit it while listening to John Phillips Sousa marches.

Speaking of directions, apparently I have to come right out and state the blindingly obvious: THESE PATTERNS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. DO NOT TAKE THE IMAGES AND SELL THEM, DO NOT PASS THEM OFF AS YOUR OWN. Linking to them is totally fine; printing a copy out for your own use is fine, but anything that involves you taking them and making money off of them, STOP. DO NOT PASS GO. Fellow free-pattern sharer Bex recently alerted me that an Ebay seller stole images from our websites and sold (is selling) them in her store. On the downside, this is extremely rude, lazy and annoying. We post these patterns FOR FREE, buying or digging through archives for the originals, spending time scanning and cleaning them up, not to mention maintaining a website where people can find them, all for the sheer love of vintage knitting goodness. So when someone comes along and snags the images to make a quick buck, it hurts.

On the upside, this is the first time it’s happened in my several years of sharing, and in a rare burst of good mood I shall take that as a general sign humanity, or the chunk of it that enjoys looking at vintage patterns, generally understands what theft is and avoids it. Now, onward to patriotic knitwear!

Let the Eagle soar!

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It’s 4th of July weekend, and if you have any love for this, the best of all countries ever, you will celebrate by blowing up small chunks of it while inebriated.

Therefore the obvious choice for this week’s Movie Club is something like ‘Nighthawks’, the ridiculous three-way tie for scene chewingest between Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams as play-by-their-own-rules NYPD, vs. Rutger Hauer’s media loving eeeevil terrorist (how evil? The other terrorists kick him out of their terrorist club at the beginning for taking it too far).

But wait a moment, part of what makes America the besty-bestest is its freedom of speech, the freedom to criticize our own government if we don’t agree with its actions and to protest, preferably loudly and with signs that get the point across!

So perhaps a better choice would be a film that reflects the darker side of America, something like ‘Johnny Got His Gun’, aka Metallica’s ‘One’ video. Adding an additional layer of grime, the film was the only one directed by Dalton Trumbo, most recognized of the Hollywood 10 blacklisted during the McCarthy hearings. Land of the free, INDEED.

I can’t say whether you’d prefer wallowing in the blood-soaked byproducts of capitalism or watching terrorists get taken down, AMERICAN-STYLE, though I have a strong feeling it may be the latter. I have yet to get to this week’s movie, ‘Hour of the Wolf’, partly because sitting down for 2 hours of a harrowing peek into the human soul sort of loses its appeal when it’s sunny and bright out, and the ice cream man’s going by.

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