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What was supposed to be a brief jaunt turned into an epic walk past the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a series of partially refurbished, mostly abandoned buildings once a center of shipbuilding, down to Dumbo, the annoyingly-acronymed area between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Actually that’s not quite correct; as the acronym puts it, Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. See How Utterly Twee Usurious Persons Rain Errors About Local Topography Over Random Spots.

I came across this delightful Citroen truck and began snapping pictures, only to have an old man wearing naught but a stained tank top pop his head out and start shouting ‘what kind of car is that?’ to me.

Citroen side

Citroen front

Well, as it says in giant blue letters on the side ‘Citroen’, and I am mildly familiar with that brand of vehicle, I am going to guess it’s a Citroen, sir. He then kept yelling I had to take a photo of the registration on the front. I’m not sure why, but here you go:
Citroen close up on demand

I then quickly scuttled around the corner as he yelled for me to come back and powerwalked the next couple blocks until coming across this:

Yep, blood! Not sure from what or why, but as numerous opportunities were missed this winter to snap a shot of frozen bloodsicles hanging from the local ‘live chicken’ dumpster, this seemed an excellent opportunity to make up for the loss. Blooooooood.

Strong like Bull
Just before the metal steroid bull, a group of cartoonishly buff guys worked out on what looked like wood and metal torture racks in the park. Some of the racks are in the background.

Though there is a section of the Navy Yards refurbished and filled with modern offices, the majority of it looks like this- slowly decaying shells of buildings being reclaimed by vines.
Brooklyn Naval Yard abandoned house

Brooklyn Naval Yard abandoned house

Even just before entering the fancy new section (which had a guard post in front of it), these crumbling towers stood sentinel. The guard, presumably lacking anything better to do, kept poking his head out and glaring like I wore a shirt that said ‘TALIBAN PHOTOGRAPHER’ on it.

Brooklyn Naval Yard tower

Brooklyn Naval Yard subterranean hole

Further along, towards (sigh)Dumbo, the neighborhood became very quaint, more like New Hope, PA (hippie central meets Colonial Williamsburg) than downtown Brooklyn. A vast electric plant sat at the water’s edge looking like Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ album cover.
Like 'Animals' without the floating pig balloon.

I’m also glad to see they time travel responsibly.
Time Loss Accident

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Having accidentally taken the Greenpoint bus past it several times and been intrigued, I decided to purposely walk over to Calvary Cemetery in Queens. Apparently it’s one of the largest cemeteries out there, something I only began to grasp on hour two of walking and not reaching an edge of any sort amidst the gravestones. While the many tall columns are beautiful from a distance, up close and personal after slogging through smaller mausoleums forming their own suburb it’s a bit much. Still, it’s a lovely spot worth visiting, especially if you want to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of deceased one place can hold. Even judiciously choosing the picturesque and odd, there’s still too many images, so I’ve placed most behind a cut.

Behold the creeeepy meeeellllted faaaaace of the Aaaangel of Deeeaaattth.

Check out more of Calvary.

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